Cuckoo Barn Lodge Pilates takes place in a beautiful studio adjacent to the lodge.(www.rosiemilton.co.uk). It is a perfect opportunity for you to take time out, unwind and focus purely on yourself without having to leave your surroundings. You can choose individual, couples or group sessions which can be tailored to your needs upon booking. Or perhaps the suggestions below will inspire you to make a personal selection:

Pure Mat Work:

Classical Pilates exercises broken down into a range of levels allowing you to take ownership of your own development.

Small Equipment Session:

Including rollers, weights, circles, mini flex ball. Chi ball and resistance bands.

Core Stability Ball Session :

This session incorporates balance, core strength and flexibility.

Golf and/or Tennis Session:

This looks at the biomechanics needed to improve your game addressing mobility , core strength and flexibility.

Introduction to Pilates:

Take time out from your busy schedule to experience Pilates for the first time.

Session price may vary depending on your needs and sessions must be booked in advance with adequate notice.